"Saw your stuff all over the new issue of Goldmine. Especially enjoyed your interview with Dan Aykroyd."
- Mark Pucci, MPMedia and Al Kopper's manager

"WOW!!! You did an amazing job. The [Dan Aykroyd] interview was funny and combined with the review and description of the jam session was the best publicity for a book I've ever seen - anywhere, anytime. Thank you, thank you!! You (continue to be) the greatest. I still want to know how you do everything you do. You are one busy guy."
- Nina Lesowitz, www.BackBeatBooks.com

"Bob, you are kicking so much ass with Danny Gatton's 'Unfinished Business' CD, that I can't keep up with you! I will never have anyone else do my Radio mailing again! Thank you so much."
- Tom Principato, Powerhouse Reords

"Bob Putignano’s Sounds of Blue is definitely the best public radio program in the Tri-state are AND on the Internet for great music and exposure, TO and FOR, the artists! I always listen to the music, interviews and live performances. I have performed several times myself and recently went in the station with some of my band mates to perform and push an upcoming show. The night of the show was a religious holiday, a nasty cold spring day, with the threat of storms all day and night. The place was packed! The same Sounds of Blue show was played on the Live 365 Internet show every night for a week. We received emails from around the world and requests from radio stations in Russia, and Brazil for our music! Bob P. is an artist in his own right. His dedication to the music, both as a listener and promoter, is extremely inspiring. Bob is a blessing to the blues!"
- Nikki Armstrong, vocalist

"I came across your playlist the other day in cyberspace and was impressed. Keep up the good work. It takes a special effort to find interesting blues these days."
- Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

"Thank God there's old time radio jocks like Bob left over from the golden days of radio that can still sneak through the cracks in the 21st century. Bob's show is one of the last on radio in the country where you can still hear real music programmed by someone who truly loves and serves the music!"
- Joel Dorn

"The Sounds of Blue" is truly one of those hidden gems on the New York area radio dial -- timeless music, informed comments and lots of great interviews and news. And a very good reason for making WFDU one of the button selections on that car radio.
- Ashley Kahn, author of Kind Of Blue and A Love Supreme; Music journalist; and former blues deejay

"God Bless Bob Putignano, he's one of the best DJ's I have ever heard! I know a lot of DJ's, aint no one like Bob, he should be broadcasting from heaven...There's no one like him. He's a loving guy and he believes in all that's right, everything he draws from are from the roots. Bob pulls no punches and I love him for it!" 
- Hubert Sumlin

The 'Sounds Of Blue' gives you the best blues sounds around, with expertise and enthusiasm.  Great guests, too.
- John Broven, Author & Consultant, Ace Records (London)

Some radio hosts don't take the time to read the books written by their guest authors, or aren't well informed about the subject matter. But not Bob Putignano. Bob is the kind of rare interviewer who reads each book cover to cover. Backbeat authors are always impressed with Bob's careful preparation and his friendly, well-informed style. It is a pleasure and privilege to book our authors on Bob's radio show -- I always know they'll be treated intelligently, and will enjoy themselves in the process.
- Nina Lesowitz, Marketing Manager, Backbeat Books

"When I'm in the New York area I always listen to Bob Putignano's "Sounds of Blue" because he plays my kinda music."
- Bettye LaVette

"Bob Putignano is one of those rare individuals who excels at many things on many levels. The blues and jazz community at large is very fortunate to have such a talented and insightful man of taste and conscience, as well as mucho cool."
- Ron Levy, Levtron.com

"Bob is a genuine fan of blues and r&b and he gives new artists like myself a great opportunity to find our audience in his audience."
- Artemis recording artist, Ellis Hooks

"I'm happy to call Bob Putignano a friend, but more importantly, he's a true and serious friend to blues and jazz. His energy, enthusiasm and effort are extraordinary; the man works as hard as many musicians I know to help keep this musical ship afloat!"
- Best from Brooklyn, Michael Hill

"Blues on the radio should be fun, personal, spontaneous, real and definitely not academic.  Bob knows his music and he knows how to make blues radio the way it should be!"
- Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records

"Bob, I thanked you the other day, but need to do it again. You sure did arrange a great, great show for we, the public. The best thing I did this year was joining the New York Blues and Jazz Society. By you sending me emails of upcoming shows, I found out about the festival. Having the best seat in the house, I watched some wonderful entertainers. Everyone was fantastic, from start to finish. Top notch all the way. I had the time of my life. Nikki Armstrong sat next to me during Deacon John Moore's set. She's a delight. Well, anyway, when John did his dance steps, etc., he always looked to her for approval. Both she and I did. We were groovin' all the way. When it got chilly, I bought a Society shirt to add a layer of warmth. I will now wear it proudly everywhere. Thanks again and it was a pleasure meeting you."
- Dave Judovin, NYBJS member

BobP, Hubert Sumlin, Michael Hill
Bob P, Hubert Sumlin, Michael Hill