March 3rd / 04

Gabor Szabo (birthday) I remember when High Contrast w/Bobby Womack Blue Thumb
Gabor Szabo (birthday) Breezin' (Benson hit written by Womack High Contrast w/Bobby Womack Blue Thumb
Interview with Nadine Condon Author of Hot Hits, Cheap Demos Backbeat Books
Larry Carlton (birthday) Friday Night Shuffle Sapphire Blue Warners
John Tropea Sandu Standard Influences VideoArts
Wes Montgomery (birthday) James & Wes w/Jimmy Smith The Dynamic Duo Verve
Larry Carlton (birthday) Put it where you want it The Golden Years, The Crusaders GRP
Interview with ith Dick Waterman Author/Photographer "Between Midnight and Day"
Tad Robinson They say Di you ever Wonder Severn
Larry Carlton (birthday) So far away The Golden Years, The Crusaders GRP
Rico McFarland (birthday) Blue Guitar A Million of You, Big Time Sarah Delmark
Johnny A. Ignorance is Bliss Get Inside Favored Nations
Peter Wolf (birthday) Too Close Together w/K.Richards  Sleepless Artemis
Peter Wolf (birthday) Southside Shuffle Bloodshot, J.Geils Band EMI
Ricky Fante It ain't Easy Introducing EMI
Al Green My Problem is You I can't stop Blue Note
Joss Stone Super Duper Love Soul Sessions EMI
Derek Trucks Gonna Move away from here Live @ Mexicali Blues Private Stash
Larry Carlton (birthday) Saphire Blue Saphire Blue Warners
Johnny A. Krea Gata Get inside Favored Nations
Larry Carlton (birthday) Room 335 Saphire Blue Warners
Wayne Boyd People Get Ready New Orleans Sessions Sounds of N.O.

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